Baby Milestone Chalkboard


Product Code: CG1515
Baby Milestone ChalkboardBaby Milestone Chalkboard

Baby Milestone Chalkboard

by Love Unique Home


Product Code: CG1515

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Baby Milestone Chalkboard

Track your entire pregnancy journey and share every moment of it with our Baby Milestone Chalkboard.

This chalkboard is completely erasable and reusable so you can write in your little ones updates every week. It’s such a fun and personalised way to celebrate and track the progress of your Child.

Have fun writing in their weekly updates & their fist moments.

Furthermore this blackboard features space for how many months, what they love to do, like to eat, where they’ve been, are funny when they do, what they can say, weight, how many teeth they have and how tall they are.

During the most exciting and overwhelming time this affordable and delightful chalkboard will help new parents to capture and remember every moment along the journey.

You can change this every week and we think this would be a beautiful way to keep friends and family updated with their progress too!

Not pregnant but know a friend who is expecting? This is the perfect congratulations present! This milestone chalkboard is the perfect way to cherish your pregnancy journey. Snap, post, and love!


40 x 50 cm

Please note: We only recommend using regular chalk and not chalk pens as they can stain.

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