Cream Kitchen Heart Storage Assortment


Cream Kitchen Heart Storage AssortmentCream Kitchen Heart Storage Assortment

Cream Kitchen Heart Storage Assortment


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Cream Kitchen Heart Storage Assortment

This stunning cream chic Kitchen Assortment Storage is a must have for your kitchen!

Its rustic yet contemporary finish is beautiful! This range comes with a beautiful raised heart with a rustic finish with wording on egg product stating what they are for!

Choose from the Set of 3 Coffee, Tea & Sugar Jars, a Pasta Jar, Biscuits, Utensils pot, Salt and Pepper  set & Egg cups.

We also have matching bowls and Cups available in different colours!

The perfect gift for those who have moved into a new home, or for the those who’s kitchen needs a new look!

Finished with their own individual quotes, the lids of these jars pop off and have a rustic finished handle.

Choose your desired set from the drop down create the whole set or pick and choose what you want!


Coffee/Tea/Sugar Jars:  W 120mm x H: 180mm x D 120mm

Biscuit  Jar: W 160mm x H 220mm x D 160mm

Pasta Jar:  W x 110mm x H 310mm x D 110mm

Salt & Pepper Pot: W 60mm x H 80mm x D 60mm

Utensil: W 120mm x H 137mm x D 120mm

set of four Egg Cups: W 55mm x H 68mm x D 55mm

Love Unique Tip: We have more designs of canisters available too, if these aren’t for you.