Diamond Style Pen


Product Code: ST7213
Diamond Style PenDiamond Style Pen

Diamond Style Pen


Product Code: ST7213

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Diamond Style Pen

Oh yes, now you can have that diamond you’ve always wanted with our Diamond Style Pen.

Not only is this pen super pretty, it is also available in three colours, choose from the following:

Gold, Silver or Rose Gold, if your not sure which colour to go for why not get all three!

Perfect for writing, doodling or just to decorate your desk. The big bling writing implement gives you that extra bit of swag and style that every girl/guy needs!

Each pen features a large faux diamond which is so sparkly & the perfect accessory for anyone that loves a bit of sparkle!

Why not purchase one of our notebooks to go alongside this gorgeous pen!

Additionally why not purchase one for each of your friends or loved ones or get them to jazz up the office too!

Furthermore these pens make great gifts for anyone that is a bit of a stationary fan. If you tend to lose your pens then this beaut with it’s big sparkly diamond will ensure you don’t misplace that pen again as it’s too pretty to lose!


14 X 1 CM

Love Unique Tip: We think these pens would look great alongside our notebooks & diaries available here!