Faux Fur White Heart Rug


Product Code: EY0094-1
Faux Fur Heart RugFaux Fur Heart Rug

Faux Fur White Heart Rug

by Love Unique Home


Product Code: EY0094-1

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Faux Fur White Heart Rug


Make your home that little bit more fluffy this season with this stunningly beautiful Faux Fur White Heart Rug!

This cute faux fur rug will add statement and style to your living room, kitchen or bedroom.

Not only does this rug look absolutely stunning with its “eyelash” style of faux fur, but it is also available in Pink too which is equally as stunning and both will fit in within any home decor.

Why not get two of each colour or mix and match between the two colours we offer for an overall more delicate, feminine look!

We absolutely adore the slightly more rustic look it can provide.

Pop this in the living room, dining area or get one of each colour and have at either side of the bed.

An ideal gift for any new home owners or if you plan on re-vamping your home.

Equally this rug will look gorgeous in a home with a more rustic or vintage theme, while also adding that cute subtlety that the heart shape provides!

This rug is 100% acrylic, and 100% cruelty free.

Width 660mm
Height: 560mm

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