Orange Ribbed Fox Doorstop


Orange Ribbed Fox DoorstopOrange Ribbed Fox Doorstop

Orange Ribbed Fox Doorstop


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Orange Ribbed Fox Doorstop

Add some cuteness to the home with this Orange Ribbed Fox Doorstop.

This adorable doorstop would be just the perfect little addition for your children’s bedroom or play room or any room in fact.

This fox is ribbed with brown and orange material and is super soft and colourful!

Weighty enough to hold any door in the house and complete with adorably cute face this could be the ideal addition to a home.

It’s colourful fabric will add a pop of colour to any children decor too! Perfect theme for the nursery.

Prop this against any door of your home to keep it open, this door stop is not only fun and cuddly but looks good too.

What a fab gift idea for friends & loved ones for birthdays or any occasion.

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Love Unique Tip: Especially perfect for families with younger children, why not encourage your little ones to name their new doorway guardian!